Franz Hofer, Chairman of the IEC Membership Committee, wants to thank all the delegates and their spouses for attending the Vienna IEC conference and making it a really memorable event!

Mag. Franz Hofer, Managing Director
OVOTHERM clearly the best

Being a global leader in innovation and marketing of clear egg packs in more than 80 countries with over 40 years experience we have developed best products and marketing concepts for promoting egg sales.



Best products

to protect your products: Ovopack, Vision, Supersell, Showcase, Jumbotherm, Traypack, Starpack – all innovative specialities and tailor made solutions.

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Best marketing

to present your products effectively: marketing concepts, shelf presentations, decoration, promotions etc.

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Best advantages

for egg producers, egg packing stations, retailers and consumers: certified food safety, best shelf management, less breakage, lower supply chain cost, low carbon footprint, best economy.

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Why Ovopack?

NEW! Affordable Innovation from Ovotherm
The newest and most innovative product family in the Ovotherm range has received best marks for machinability on egg graders and highest efficiency in egg packing stations.

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Why Ovotherm?

80% of all buying decisions are made at the P.O.S. To trigger an impulse purchase attractive and “loud” marketing concepts are needed which we are happy to develop and implement together with our clients.

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Why clear egg packaging?

Consumers want to see what they are buying without opening the packs. This is safer, more hygienic, practical and appealing.

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Why R-PET?

Consumers like environmentally friendly packaging – and so do we! Therefore our products are made of R-PET of 100% recycled drinks bottles and are all recyclable again.

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