All Ovotherm production partners are certified to ensure relevant standards. BRC/IoP is the most important certificate in Europe regarding packaging of food. Our production partner in Mexico has the FSSC 22000 certificate, which is necessary for the US market. You will find also the relevant ISO certificates below.


We offer what no other company can

Our clear egg packs offer a lot of advantages for the consumer, but also for the supermarket, the egg producer and the packing station. Better display management as well as less breakage but also cost savings to environmental protection.


We offer an array of totally different and unique egg packs

Our special egg packs are very popular in the Easter season, but also for promotional activities. Here you find a lot of eye-catching packs.

Supersell vision

Gorgeous egg packs with ideal machine compatability

Supersell Vision is stylish and convenient– providing superior protection for eggs. The quality of Supersell Vision packs guarantees efficient use in the packing stations.


The perfect product for your promotion

Showcase - A clear, honest and hygienic egg pack for people who love eggs! Lots of space for creative labels, printed on both sides. Optimal for an approach focusing on design to increase sales.

Big & small

We have the solution for your eggs

Different countries have different eggs. Ovotherm offers Jumbo egg size for 6 and 10 eggs, but also packs for smaller eggs with 10 and 15 slots.


An innovative concept - easy handling and is perfectly compatible with your machines

The Traypack is a unique 2 part system, which is extremely stable and offers a maximized surface area for decoration. This helps the customer to communicate with their consumers.


Egg packaging innovation and advanced design

Ovotherm – driving egg packaging functionality and design into the future: 
Vision is a revolutionary prduct line uniquely designed in response to consumer demand and industrial packing optimization.


Affordable innovation from ovotherm

The most innovative product family in the Ovotherm range has received best marks for machine affinity on egg graders and highest efficiency in egg packing stations.

Product range

Find your ovotherm egg pack here

The variety of our product presents a key advantage to our clients. We offer individual, made-to-measure solutions beyond all standard concepts to meet your requirements specifically.

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