A Christmas Promotion for eggs in the LIDL discount stores in the Netherlands

Since quite a few years Ovotherm´s Traypack 20, made 100 % of recycled PET drinks bottles, can be seen in a special Egg Display during the Christmas Season in all LIDL markets around the Netherlands.

Approximately 1800 displays with 1800 white Barn Eggs were installed all over the country in a very attractive presentation combined with an outstanding Marketing idea. A decorative “Surprise Envelope“ was stuck on the flat top of Traypack 20, filled with Party Hats and X-Mas Stickers. This eye catching offer was a real success with consumers who enjoyed purchasing eggs with a lot of added value.

Based on the good results of this egg marketing campaign, Ovotherm is looking forward to fully support the next Egg Promotion coming up in the LIDL stores in the near future.