Kuhn Corp and Ovotherm care about the environment, therefore are continuously focusing on the productionof eco-friendly egg-packaging

Walter Kuhn, director of Brisbane-based printing and packaging business KuhnCorp, is celebrating 21 years of working with European-based manufacturer Ovotherm – the creators and largest global supplier of clear egg packaging.

“In 1998, we were printing for an Australian egg company called Sunny Queen and I was talking to some of the directors at the time and they told me there was an issue with getting supply of egg cartons in Australia, as there was only one supplier at the time,” he said. “We then started looking worldwide for what could be available and we found a company called Ovotherm in Austria that produces plastic cartons and at the time they were made from clear polystyrene.

“Even though Ovotherm had tried to get into the local market before, we approached the business and with an initial agreement for one million cartons a month, were successful with the license for Australia, South Pacific and South East Asia.

“At that time, all of the cartons were made with a gloss self-adhesive label which was about six times more expensive than using paper labels, but at the time we just didn’t have the machine that could apply it.

“My background is in engineering, so after six months we created a machine that could apply a paper label to an egg carton, at high-speed for the first time ever in the world. We then produced the paper labels, die cut them, and applied them to our first cartons for Sunny Queen shipped from Europe in 1999 and 2000.”

The 2000 Egg-lympics

At the time, Kuhn Corp developed a promotion known as the Egg-lympics, which caught the eye of SOCOG – the Australian company running the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

“They sent us a letter claiming that we were infringing the Olympics, but we were actually having a bit of fun and when they realised that our event was being held at a fictitious place known as Eggles Island and that we replaced eggs for the circles of the Olympics, they got the joke,” Kuhn explained.

“That was the first time that any real marketing was done on egg cartons, and we could do it because of the quality of the packaging. Prior to that, it was just spot colours on a grey cardboard carton and even then, a lot of the printing was out of register.

“But with only one supplier in the market at the time, you can get away with whatever you want.”


Source: ProPack.pro                                                                                                 To be continued in March 2020