It was an unpleasant surprise and hit all unprepared, how quickly the virus spread around the world and influenced our daily lives culminating in a total lockdown more or less globally. Closed were public place, schools, hotels, and restaurants. Transport was getting extremely difficult to organize due to many truck drivers in quarantine and long border waiting lines. Home Office became the expression of the season and with all that the need for home cooking and baking became a necessity. Besides yeast, flour and milk, EGGS resulted in being a main ingredient in kitchens all over the world.

This was also true for Easter Eggs which in countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux and recently also Central European states are being colored and decorated in most creative ways to attract shoppers attention and add fun to children´s Easter Nests.

It is easy to understand why producers of Easter Eggs as well as retailers demand glass clear packaging for these beautiful and colorful eggs. Ovotherm, as the globally leading producer of environmentally friendly r-PET egg packs made of 100 % recycled PET beverage bottles was able to completely fulfil the increased demand of the market and was hailed and applauded for its impeccable performance in difficult times.

It is great to see that also after Easter the healthy boiled and colored eggs are continuing to be bestsellers. Now as a ready to eat convenience food offered in the displays where Snack Food items and quick meals can be seen. Of course also there the need for showing this specialty in clear packaging is essential and so Ovotherm´s wide range of r r-PET egg packs for 2, 6 or 10 eggs help to make this food convenience visible.