Tobago is the home of Mc Conney´s Egg Farm, the main supplier of fresh and healthy eggs on this beautiful island in the Lesser Antilles.

Tobago, like Trinidad was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498. The often changing owners of the island included Spain, France, the Netherlands and many Pirates before it became a British colony to be connected with its large sister island Trinidad. Both islands became independent and form the state of T & T (Trinidad and Tobago) since 1962. They are situated just north of Venezuela and below the usual yearly Hurricane routes although every now and then are hit too like in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. It is worth mentioning that the oldest Nature Reserve in the world is situated here since 1776. It is the “Main Ridge Forest Reserve and Creation Site“ protecting tropical rainforest.

With the “Tobago House of Assembly“ the island has its own Parliament  giving the “little sister“ of Trinidad the necessary self-confidence.

In this environment Mister Lawrence Mc Conney founded Mc Conney´s Egg Farm in 1972. He started small by collecting eggs from his mother´s yard fowl, distributing them to neighboring villages and later to the entire island. His son Joel Mc Conney continued the creative way of producing and selling eggs by introducing new marketing systems. Five years ago Joel and his family decided to offer all his eggs in attractively decorated clear Ovotherm Egg Packaging made 100% of recycled beverage bottle. Retailers loved this introduction as shoppers did not have to open packs to see what they got, reducing breakage thereby dramatically. Consumers still enjoy the honest and lively presentation in the environmentally best egg pack with the lowest Carbon Footprint of all egg packs available.

Ovotherm is proud to be a partner with such a progressive high quality egg producing company in the Caribbean.