World Egg Day 2020 – Friday 9th October

Make sure your egg organisation, egg producers, and allied industry members takes advantage of World Egg Day. The promotional possibilities are as endless as your imagination, however to help you get started make use of our downloads listed at the bottom of the page, which include promotional ideas and a useful Press Pack.

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2019 World Egg Day Celebrations

Here is how the following countries celebrated World Egg Day 2019!

To celebrate World Egg Day, Australian Eggs hosted the Eggsellence Awards in an all-egg pop-up restaurant to celebrate the diversity and quality of the egg dishes in Australia’s food scene. The Australian public was invited to nominate their favourite restaurant egg dishes with egg ambassador, celebrity chef Manu Fieldel, selecting four entries to compete in the cook-off at a pop-up restaurant. The awards were hosted on 10th October, with the winner being announced, the following day, on World Egg Day. Congratulations to the 2019 award winner, Yum Yum Bakery, for their winning awarma and egg pizza.

In Austria, a press conference was held in Vienna on 7th October 2019 focusing on the impacts of Austrian egg and poultry production on the climate to celebrate World Egg Day.

In Bangladesh, World Egg Day was celebrated with an initiative developed by the Bangladesh Animal Agriculture Society (BAAS). BAAS has been strongly supported by the FAO Bangladesh office in organizing celebrations since 2014, and this year the society organised a consumer gathering to promote eggs, as well as distributed around 10,000 boiled eggs to those with low incomes, along with students, children, and females. A seminar is also being organised by BAAS and FAO for mid-November which will promote the egg industry.

Brazil had a week-long outreach programme to celebrate World Egg Day, promoting the benefits of eggs as a functional food rich in vitamins and essential to human nutrition. This included a media campaign highlighting the value of the Ovos RS Seal and what it means for consumers,  a series of videos showcasing regional recipes from each region in Portugal, and the second edition of ‘a dozen wonderful professions’ which promotes careers in egg production, all delivered by the Rio Grande do Sul Poultry Production Association (ASGAV) and Ovos RS.  There was also be an egg-based meal tasting on offer in symposiums and workshops at ten major universities, and 2,500 colouring books distributed to children.

Egg Farmers were at the heart of this year’s World Egg Day celebration in Canada, which saw the launch of a special video to pay tribute to the farming families that are dedicated to producing fresh, local eggs. A media outreach campaign was launched in the run-up to the day with chef ambassadors undertaking a handful of television segments to promote eggs. Social media collaborations supported this with a dozen bloggers and online influencers sharing their favourite ways to enjoy eggs.

Colombia broke the Guinness World Record for the largest scrambled egg to celebrate World Egg Day 2019. 59,758 eggs were used during the attempt, which helped to feed 15,000 vulnerable people in Soacha, Cundinamarca, at the event organised by Fenavi. A digital promotion also reached over 60,000 likes on World Egg Day with the ‘un like por mi día’ campaign.

For the fifth year, Hartmann Croatia organised a theatre festival for children in collaboration with local theatre Oberon. The three-day festival, which attracted 1,200 children in 2018, aimed to promote the egg as a healthy food option and included performances for children from kindergarten to high school.

An egg awareness campaign on social media was run in Denmark, with leaders of the egg industry from around the world providing a statement on ‘Why they think eggs contribute to a better world’. The campaign promoted egg consumption on World Egg Day.

Every year in Ghana a different region is selected as the key area, and this year celebrations took place in Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana. This year’s theme was ‘Eat your egg today and everyday’, and activities included a quiz for schools based on egg nutrition, the donation of eggs to hospitals with Children’s and Maternity wards, and a donation of 60,000 eggs which was distributed throughout the city.

In India, the State of Andhra Pradesh celebrated World Egg Day on 11th October 2019 in Vijayawada.  Rallies were held to promote the nutritional value of eggs to all ages, and free boiled eggs were distributed to school children and old age homes.  Meetings were organised to promote the importance of eggs in daily nutrition and the theme of 2019, “EAT YOUR EGG TODAY AND EVERY DAY”.

A number of celebrations were hosted in Indonesia to celebrate World Egg Day. This included a TV talkshow about the benefits of egg consumption for health and intelligence, a National Seminar on Protein Nutrition, Biosecuity and Poultry Business for farmers, students and consumer representatives, the donation of 5,000 eggs to the public in Pekanbaru City, Riau Provinence, as well as a family nutrition seminar hosted in Jakarta.

The Irish Egg Association worked in partnership with Bord Bia (the Irish food board), to deliver a campaign targeted at the pre-family and young family demographic, with a strong emphasis on eggs as ‘fuel’ for a busy and active life. Social media and positive PR were used to support the campaign, along with a three-week TV advertising campaign.

In Nepal, the Poultry Entrepreneurs Forum organised a celebration for Wolrd Egg Day in Chitwan. The forum distributed boiled eggs to hospitals, and also showcased 15 different ways to cook eggs to promote their versatility.

New Zealand celebrated World Egg Day with a promotional campaign to win World Egg Day prize packs through Facebook, radio and NZME network. Additional promotions targeted at parents and children were undertaken with prizes including Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham books. A digital toolkit was also developed to help egg producers celebrate World Egg Day.

The Pakistan Poultry Association and the Arid Agriculture University  Rawalpindi celebrated World Egg Day with a programme of events attended by over 3,000 people. This included a cooking competition, a poster presentation competition, an awareness walk and a seminar on the nutritional value of eggs. Additionally the World Poultry Science Association Women Wing Pakistan Branch also celebrated at the Shamshi Model School and College for girls, with a range of seminars to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs and correct many of the myths and misconceptions that surround egg consumption in Pakistan. The Poultry Research Institute also held celebrations to raise awareness of the egg and it’s benefits to young children.

World Egg Day was celebrated in the Philippines with the fourth annual ‘Eatlog Run’.  Over two thousand runners took part in the race at SM by the Bay in Pasay City this year, and participants were treated to a festive egg feast with various stations serving egg dishes around the course. The run aims to promote the value of eating an egg a day to help fight hunger and malnutrition as well as prevent micronutrient deficiency.

In Poland, Fermy Wozniak developed and published a book in collaboration with polish food blogger ‘eKuchareczka’. The book aimed to promote the egg and its culinary potential as an outstanding ingredient, and included 50 recipes starring eggs as the main ingredient. An instore promotion also took place which included a World Egg Day branded pack, along with a Facebook campaign to promote World Egg Day.

The Egg Studies Institute in Spain celebrated World Egg Day with the announcement of their annual award for research on egg matters. The winning project of the 2019 award was entitled ‘Improving the quality of the shell and the food security of the egg in an extended production cycle of 100 weeks’ and the research team received 10,000 euros. An additional award which recognised the work of a person or entity that improves public knowledge, use or image of eggs was presented to Chef Pepe Rodriguez. Inprovo also promoted World Egg Day through a social campaign to highlight the day. Find out more about the awards here.

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