Situated between Venezuela and Suriname in South America Guyana has 215.000 Square KM and a population of around 800.000. The Co-Operative Republic of Guyana, with its capital city Georgetown, has remained as a member of the British Commonwealth after it gained independence in 1966.

Edun´s Poultry Farms and Hatchery was founded almost 35 years ago. It evolved out of a home – grown idea and still remains a family operated business today.

Mr. Abu Edun always had an interest in rearing chickens and his hobby assisted him in augmenting his income. So, after his retirement from the public sector, he decided to go into commercial egg production. His family supported this idea and together they bought a farm for this purpose. Since the initial farm was set up at Craig, East Bank Demerara, the company has expanded its base considerably with a hatchery, a feed mill and another egg farm at Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara.

A key point to note is that since the establishment of the second layer farm, Guyanese have been introduced to the creative clear concept of Ovotherm Egg Packaging. Edun have since become a household name in Guyana and remains the choice of most consumers.

They say that with Ovotherm as their partner in marketing, they have been doing “eggceptionally“ well and have recently constructed modern tunnel-ventilated layer houses with automated feeding and egg collection systems. These houses will accommodate a total of 75.000 hens in addition to their traditional open-sided henhouses.

It is Edun´s goal to remain Guyana´s Number One egg producer and we at Ovotherm are proud to support this fine family operation with progressive marketing methods to bring nature´s most fantastic vitamin pill in a shell safely to the people of Guyana.