News from 2016

Eurotier Hanover 2016

One of the worldwide biggest exhibitions for Animal Husbandry was held in Hannover, Germany from November 15 to 18, 2016.

2.629 exhibitors from 58 countries and 163.000 visitors amongst them 36.000 foreigners from over 100 different countries impressively confirmed the importance of this show as a global leading meeting place for people connected to the animal business.

The presented innovations in the areas of cage manufacturing, breeding, feeding, grading and processing eggs, packaging and all technical advances in electronics and IT development set new standards and impulses for efficiency, precision and animal welfare. The WORLD POULTRY Show fully achieved its goal to be the meeting place of the global poultry business. Also national and international politics and media showed an increased interest in this exhibition with high ranking delegations from all over the world with a clear focus on animal welfare and new sustainable farming methods.

Ovotherm had their booth in the Poultry Section of the huge exhibition area and was extremely well visited by clients, business partners and visitors worldwide, interested in creative egg marketing using the environmentally most friendly egg pack system available (2016 Ovotherm has received the Golden Award for Sustainable Packaging).

Ovotherm was represented by its CEO Franz Hofer and his team: Petra Küblböck, Lisa Speiser, Walter Schleining, Stefaan Tsjoen and Senior Partner Willi Kallhammer who all felt that this show was never boring and more successful than ever.

Funtuna Eggs- Premium quality produced in Nigeria

A household name with a notable presence in many parts of Nigeria, Funtuna Eggs are premium quality, low cholesterol eggs, which are produced by Funtuna Farms, a subsidiary of Animal Care Services Konsult, Nigeria Ltd, a leading livestock company in Nigeria.

Premium quality Funtuna Eggs are produced by hens kept and managed in our bio-secured farms, and are regularly tested and certified healthy at our state of the art world class laboratory. The hens are fed on our UNIQUE, naturally enhanced wholesome grain-based rations, making the eggs they produce an “egg” cellent source of nourishing, high quality protein for adults and children alike. 

 Our eggs are packed with various benefits, such as:

- Firm, dense albumen with higher levels of good quality proteins and choline for brain development in children and improved memory in adults;

- Raised golden yellow yolk - rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which prevent age related macular eye degeneration in adults;

 - High level of Vitamin E and Selenium - beneficial antioxidants which boost immune system and improve skin health;

- Longer Shelf Life.

 Ovotherm is proud to be partner of this extraordinary company!


IEC- Conference in Kuala Lumpur