The IEC Business Conference 2016 was held in Warsaw in April, actually returning to the city where the second ever IEC Conference was held 50 years ago with Poland being a founding member of the IEC. The message delivered by Chairman Ben Dellaert was for the IEC to “Take Action and Communicate the Actions” making use of the high level of talent and pioneering spirit of egg producers and processors globally. In the following 2 days speakers reported on the latest trends and issues affecting the egg world.

In USA, for the first time the limit on daily cholesterol intake in the dietary guidelines has been taken out. A clear victory for the Egg Nutrition Center which always has supported the fact that egg consumption does not influence blood cholesterol levels. Also in the US market there is a shift for higher welfare products resulting in more and more American food companies changing to Non Cage eggs. It was said that consumers wanted to buy into brands and liked to know where their food comes from, actually aiming for a transparent supply chain.

Another big issue was Avian Health and AI, its economic impact and strategies for preventing the virus entering sheds as Avian Influenza is continuing to threaten the global poultry industry.

Sustainability in the poultry industry includes feeding where combinations of 20% live larvae with a soy-free diet base had shown lower mortality, as well as manure management where a project in the Netherlands showed that poultry manure can actually contribute to greener electricity supply rather than becoming an environmental problem.

Ovotherm was represented by its CEO Franz Hofer who is member of the IEC Executive Committee and Willi Kallhammer who is Global Ambassador of the IEC.

This autumn the IEC Global Leadership Conference is broadening its horizons by coming to Asia where two thirds of the world´s eggs are being produced. The vibrant and thriving city of Kuala Lumpur capital of Malaysia, has been selected to host the meeting from September 18 to 22, 2016 to reach and engage with a dynamic new audience.