Trinidad and Tobago is an Island in the southern part of the Lesser Antilles, close to the coast of Venezuela. Its size is 5.128 km² with over 1,3 Million inhabitants. Trinidad and Tobago received their final independence from the UK in 1976 when it became a Republic with its own Parliament within the Commonwealth of Nations. The capital city is Port of Spain with all governmental offices and most headquarters of retail businesses.

The tropical country is blessed to be south of the Caribbean Hurricane path where many other islands are badly hit each year. The economy is quite strong with its pillars in the oil and gas industry where about 45% of the GNP is created. They also have unique Asphalt lakes from where the product is globally exported.

Agriculture is generally gaining importance with a strong sugar and cocoa production. In addition the local food industry is growing supplying the fast expanding retail sector.

The Singh family started with a small egg farm nearly 20 years ago and have developed their egg production to one of the most innovative and modern operations in the Caribbean the outstanding ”Spring Fresh Farm” in Princes Town in the southern part of T & T. They have become the biggest egg farm in the area working according to stringent health and safety rules. Recently they have invested into the latest model of a Moba egg grader lifting their operation to US standards.

Spring Fresh market daily solely their 100% locally produced eggs to the top retailers in the country amongst them the crown jewels of the industry like Pricesmart, Naipauls, TruValu.

JTA Supermarkets, Food Basket, Dollar Value, Costcutters, Jumbo Foods, Persads, Maraj and many more.

The Singh family also acts with Corporate Social Responsibility and is for example a sponsor of the “Gift for Life Foundation“.

Ovotherm is proud to be associated with this fine company since their start and supplies the latest design packaging lines like Ovopack, Showcase Vision and Jumbo Vision to Spring Fresh to support their successful Egg Marketing efforts wherever possible.

Besides Star Chick in Barbados Spring Fresh Farm are the only constant Caribbean members at the International Egg Commission (IEC).