The IEC Global Leadership Conference 2016 was held in Kuala Lumpur from the 18th to 22nd of September 2016 attracting over 360 delegates from the egg industry, representing 44 countries globally.

The conference opened with two inspiring and thought provoking speakers discussing the vision and sharing the consumer viewpoint on: THE FUTURE OF THE EGG MARKET. Dr. David Bosshart talked on the “Impact of digital media on food purchasing“, stressing the important role it plays in the way consumers are influenced. We live in a time where pictures of food are being shared globally via social media to the point of being an influencing tool. Efficiency in time, faster lifecycles and innovations also play key roles in food purchasing.

Bob Langert, the retired Vice President for sustainability of McDonalds, spoke on “Global Food Trends“ concerning sustainability and housing systems for laying hens. As consumers are getting more aware and care about where their food comes from, as well as what is in it and how it is processed, corporate policies should be a direct response to user demands. He emphasized the value of maintaining dialogue with consumers and activists.

The IEC introduced a new program called “Industry Viewpoints“, managed by the members of the project of “Young Egg Leaders“, addressing ways to improve on-farm safety, feed sustainability and profitability.

Special Recognition and Thanks were given to Franz Hofer, CEO of Ovotherm, for his role serving as chairman of the Membership Committee, devoting his time and contribution to serving the IEC.

The outstanding IEC Leadership Lecture entitled “The Future of People in Our Business“ was held by Prof. Dr. Winterheller who described the two types of managers who can affect the workplace positively or negatively. The problem orientated manager cares for the work personally whilst the solution orientated manager cares for mutual respect between the leader and the team to allow the team to carry responsibilities effectively. Sound leadership produces people-centered communication that facilitates trust and enhances achievement. His take home messages about leadership skills that have to be trained on a daily basis were greeted with much applause.

The Ovotherm representatives, CEO Franz Hofer and IEC´s Global  Ambassador Willi Kallhammer used the ample opportunities of networking with many international clients and industry leaders to discuss issues of common interest of the global egg business.