Funtuna Eggs- Premium quality produced in Nigeria

A household name with a notable presence in many parts of Nigeria, Funtuna Eggs are premium quality, low cholesterol eggs, which are produced by Funtuna Farms, a subsidiary of Animal Care Services Konsult, Nigeria Ltd, a leading livestock company in Nigeria.

Premium quality Funtuna Eggs are produced by hens kept and managed in our bio-secured farms, and are regularly tested and certified healthy at our state of the art world class laboratory. The hens are fed on our UNIQUE, naturally enhanced wholesome grain-based rations, making the eggs they produce an “egg” cellent source of nourishing, high quality protein for adults and children alike. 

 Our eggs are packed with various benefits, such as:

- Firm, dense albumen with higher levels of good quality proteins and choline for brain development in children and improved memory in adults;

- Raised golden yellow yolk - rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which prevent age related macular eye degeneration in adults;

 - High level of Vitamin E and Selenium - beneficial antioxidants which boost immune system and improve skin health;

- Longer Shelf Life.

 Ovotherm is proud to be partner of this extraordinary company!