With the tremendous growth of the population in Asia which is expected to continue in the coming years also the need for affordable protein is growing. When 30 years ago Asia accounted for about 30% of the global egg consumption, we are currently seeing far over 60% of all eggs eaten in the world consumed in Asia. In China egg consumption has already reached a high of over 250 eggs per capita per year, double of what it used to be 30 years ago.

But not only China, also countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Korea amongst others, have realized the importance of the most nutritious “delicious and affordable “Fast Food“. The most valuable protein, the amino acids, all vitamins except vitamin C and minerals are found in eggs and also the myth of a “cholesterol bomb” is slowly disappearing, also due to the relentless work of organizations like the International Egg Commission (IEC) who, for example, with the promotion of World Egg Day (WED) are supporting the education on nutrition to the medical society as well as to consumers.

Ovotherm is proud to be part of this development and have since over 25 years helped to improve Egg Marketing methods in a great number of Asian countries with their innovative concepts of glassclear egg packaging made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles, also offering the environmentally best option in egg packaging. These concepts have supported the increase of egg consumption and have also reduced breakage of eggs dramatically. The leading retailers in Asia prefer egg displays where eggs can be seen in clear packaging to attract consumer attention and to eliminate the need for opening packs for quality inspection.

Ovotherm is just “Clearly the Best“!