Global celebrations are in place for the 20th year of World Egg Day, on the 9th October 2015. Established by the International Egg Commission in 1996, World Egg Day was created to promote the wonderful egg internationally.  Now well recognised throughout the world every year on the second Friday of October, countries all around the world celebrate the benefits of eggs. Festivals, charitable events and city celebrations will all form part of a day of recognition for this small but mighty food source.

Eggs are the source of life and a symbol of fertility. Living in a society of limited world resources, a growing population and ever increasing demands for affordable provisions the egg is recognised as a very precious food throughout the world.

In developing countries where population growth is rapidly increasing, the nutritional benefits of the egg are far reaching. Whilst not as accessible in developing countries, eggs are still a very important and sustainable source of high quality protein, minerals and vitamins.

Now part of the World Egg Organisation, World Egg Day provides the perfect platform for reminding us all of the many health benefits of eating eggs. Cesar de Anda, Chairman of the IEC said: “The egg is one of the most important foods globally and its significance should not be overlooked! The most important source of high quality protein, the egg is perfect for sustainable development; the industry can feed a growing population, the egg is incredible.”

The World Egg Organisation represents the egg and brings together the International Egg Commission (IEC), the International Egg Foundation (IEF) and the International Egg Nutrition Consortium (IENC) promoting eggs and developing access to eggs across the world.

Join us on 9th October to celebrate the egg for which we all have so much pride, one of nature’s gifts, which can deliver on so many levels.
Eggs - Simply Delicious and Nutritious!

Editor’s Notes:
World Egg Day
The egg industry has so much to shout about, so many fantastic messages to tell the world; let’s make sure that on Friday 9th October 2015, the whole world is talking about eggs. To help you get prepared for this year’s World Egg Day, we have put together an information pack. This pack includes template press releases, key messages and fascinating egg facts from around the world. You will also see our vibrant World Egg Day logo. Take a look at our list of events that have taken place in the past and some of our suggestions for possible future events. Let these ideas inspire you and please share your activity with us.



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