Quite often interesting new products get somehow not enough attention because they are presented in the main category display. 

This problem is very well known in  gg marketing too, when eggs with a special message get lost in the diversity of the egg display. This is one of the reasons why for promotional activities secondary  gg displays are being used, preferably in “Palletainers” which are cardboard containers with open front which is inviting consumers to take the package out and  home.

Much has been talked about impulse purchase where at the point of sale (POS) the product has to kind of call out: “Take me with you”.

In egg merchandising it works best when shoppers can see what they are buying without having to open the packs.

All egg packs of Ovotherm are made of 100% recycled drinks bottles and the glasclear egg packs will honestly show what is inside.

In Benelux one of the biggest chain stores is using Ovotherm Traypack for special promotions to attract consumer attention.