Delegates from 29 countries attended the IEC Business Conference 2015 held in Lisbon, Portugal. The focus was very much on making eggs the most important food product in the world which was highlighted at the International Egg Nutrition Consortium Session headed by Dr. Mitch Kantner. The latest findings about the goodness of eggs were discussed and it was realized that it is of utmost importance to spread the positive news to opinion leaders like the medical society, teachers and nutritionists. A special task force of IEC members will get this project moving, having the US as a role model, where the demand for eggs was growing strongly. Consumer demand for high protein diets and clever marketing initiatives using Hollywood film stars like Kevin Bacon as credible testimonials are reasons for the success.

Actually this upward trend was reported to be also visible in other countries as consumers recognize the health benefits, and pure value for money that eggs deliver. Portugal´s egg exports, the conference heard, were a key component in helping to improve its balance of trade deficit.

Other topics were touching on how to conquer retail shelf space with innovative egg products, animal welfare and animal health, especially in the case of avian influenza the need for fast reaction times with a total lock down for 72 hours. Also genetic modification in breeding to reduce culling of male chicks is seen to be available soon – another cause for optimism.

Ovotherm was represented by its CEO Franz Hofer, who is also Chairman of the IEC Membership Committee where he was able to report positive developments in the global spread of membership especially in Asia, where also Willi Kallhammer, Global Ambassador of the IEC was able to help egg producers to join IEC as new members.