The 2015 IPPE in Atlanta/ USA broke records: Over 30.000 registrants and 1.288 exhibitors. Ovotherm International was one of them and its CEO Franz Hofer with his team of Petra Küblböck, David Collie and Octavio Gomez were able to greet industry leader attendees from all over the world.

IPPE is the largest poultry meat, eggs and feed industry event of its kind and had this year a record breaking size in attendance numbers. Exhibitors proudly  resented their latest innovations in supplies and services. Ovotherm showed the brand new line of Showcase 2x12, 18 and 24 all made of 100% recycled PET drinks  bottles. This product innovation drew a lot of attention for its unusual design combined with best machinability on high speed egg graders.

Another first were boiled and colored eggs packed in clear Ovotherm egg packs which in Europe are sold not only around Easter now but around the year as a  ready to eat healthy meal addition, for example with salads, or as a snack suggestion in convenience stores.

This outstanding egg and poultry event was considered as one of the most successful ever.