The IEC Business Conference Monte Carlo was held from the 2nd to 4th April 2017 and attracted a record high attendance with delegates representing 36 countries globally.  It was once again an unparalleled opportunity for leaders and executives in the egg industry to share knowledge and network.

Representatives from top-tier businesses from around the globe gathered to hear about the latest developments specific to the egg industry.

Across the two days, expert speakers provided their insights on industry issues, covering avian influenza, layer welfare, layer nutrition, current trade impacts and consumer preferences. In his opening speech IEC Chairman Ben Dellaert confirmed the continued improvement of IEC´s channels of communication including the presence on social media. He also welcomed the second intake of IEC Young Egg Leaders on their two year program and stressed the importance of initiatives as the International Egg Nutrition Consortium (IENC) and Global Roundtable for Sustainable Eggs to support the positive messages the industry has to offer.

Keynote Speaker Professor David Hughes pointed out that meat was no longer  the center of people´s daily diets and the consumer view of protein is broadening which is good news for eggs and plant- based dishes with the current health perception of eggs with some even regarding them as “Superfood“.

Oxford University Professor Charles Spence stated that by engaging more senses at the point of purchase or consumption one will create more memorable experiences appealing to people both rationally and emotionally.

In a session focused on advances in layer nutrition, delegates heard about innovations in laying hen feed including split feeding– offering birds a different diet based on their needs at different times of the day.

Avian influenza was afforded an afternoon of discussion on Bio-Security protocol, Vaccination– Pros and Cons, Killing for disease control document and Sanitation and clean-up post outbreak document. On Tuesday the focus was on trade considering the implications of Brexit and President Trump´s election.

In the concluding session development in Layer Housing was addressed looking for Global Standards in the Animal Welfare and hens production systems where IEC has reactivated the IEC Animal Welfare Working Group to provide a voice of the industry at OIE.

Ovotherm was represented at the IEC Business Conference by its CEO Franz Hofer and Petra Küblböck as well as IEC Global Ambassador Willi Kallhammer.