Inicia is the largest egg production and distribution company in Mauritius with an annual commercialization of 65,000.000 eggs. It was founded by Jean-Baptiste Wiehe and Bernard Montocchio in 1978 and introduced as CERES Ltd. the first branded Mauritian eggs with the name OEUDOR. They continued to grow vertically into related sectors such as chicks and animal feed production as well as farming equipment, veterinary and pet products. In 2011 CERES became INICIA to increase communication with its partners as the mother company of the various well established brands.

Ovotherm and Ceres started their cooperation in 1992 by introducing modern Egg Marketing with the use of clear honest packaging for the house brand OUEDOR as Primeur 12, Selection 6 and Jumbo 6. These basic brands are still selling successfully and now the brands of Nature´s Gold in a 4 and 10 pack have been added, of course now packed in 100% r-PET made of recycled drinks bottles to ensure that the environmental needs in packaging are met. There are now 2 modern egg packing stations certified HACCP with new Moba machines for best egg handling. The company is represented in practically all retail areas, currently 2000 selling points amongst the Jumbo Stores, Winners, Shoprite, SUPER U, Monoprix and Spar. Distribution is made directly with 12 commercial trucks for safe and punctual delivery.

Inicia produces over 100.000 L. of pasteurized eggs a year, which represents 2,000.000 shell eggs, mainly targeted for the catering industry and has in 2012  introduced Free Range Eggs to Mauritius to cater for consumers particularly concerned about animal welfare.

Since 1997 the group is member of the International Egg Commission and together with Ovotherm organizes Egg Conferences to bring the latest findings on Egg Nutrition, Food Safety and general information on eggs to the Mauritian public. This year a successful conference was held end of April with a wide reaching recognition in all media.