The Perfect Start in Life is Egg Shaped



Friday 13th October 2017 is set to get off to a cracking start when we celebrate World Egg Day. This year a range of international events and campaigns will promote the contribution that eggs make to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the global community – from before we’re even born.


A benefit to everybody’s body


Eggs have a valuable role to play at the very earliest stages of human development and can continue to be of significant benefit throughout our lives. With the power to sustainably feed the world, eggs high quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals are essential for:


-          Foetal development

-          Healthy brain development in young children

-          Improving concentration levels at school, work and play


In recognition of the proven health benefits that eggs provide, particularly for children, this year’s World Egg Day has a eggs-citing twist, with organisers inviting the young and old alike to ‘crack them up’ by sharing their funniest egg jokes through their social networks.


The little egg with big possibilities and big laughs


The annual event is organised by the World Egg Organisation (WEO). Julian Madeley, Director General of WEO explains how this year’s activity is set to raise a smile: “Over the past 22 years, we’ve communicated the positive impact that eggs can have on our lives. They are not only universally beneficial to our health; I’ve also discovered that they’re universally funny! In both developed and developing populations – a high quality source of protein is a fundamental requirement; and that’s a very serious message. However, we also want engage with the widest possible audience, by encouraging children and their parents to share the more humorous side of the humble egg.” 


Eggs on a roll


World Egg Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe. Last year the campaign was embraced by organisations as diverse as international charities to premier league football clubs. 2017 is set to reach an even wider audience as we all Enjoy Glorious Giggles.


Eggs as a force for good in the world, is typified by the International Egg Foundation’s involvement in Project Canaan in Swaziland. The united efforts of the global egg industry has provided a much needed high quality source of protein through eggs to local orphans and children in the surrounding rural community, where malnutrition is a daily reality; as it is for an estimated one billion people. 


Spread the word about nature’s premium protein


Packed full of goodness and essential nutrients; eggs provide a complete food solution. It’s a simple message to share and you can be part of this eggs-traordinary celebration on Friday 13th October. The day the humble egg makes the world LOL.