The IEC Global Leadership Conference in Bruges was held from the 10th to the 14th of September 2017 attracting delegates from 38 countries globally.

Across the four days, expert speakers provided their insights on industry issues, covering Red Mite, laying hen welfare, improving production efficiencies, egg processing and advances in egg nutrition as well as future technologies. In addition to the expert speakers, representatives from the global egg industry shared their experience best practice and consumer campaigns, proving again that the IEC is a place to meet and learn from each other.

An important project of OIE (World Animal Health Organization) is to establish Global Laying Hen Housing Standards and is involving experts from IEC as well to assure an outcome based approach covering all production systems and allowing individual countries to add to their local standards.

Egg Nutrition research is now proving that eggs are not only a valuable source of protein but regular consumption of eggs can cut the risk of stroke and help with cognitive understanding in older people. Another project of giving one egg a day to 6 to 9 months old infants in South America has resulted in a dramatically improved health and growth performance, in other words: Eggs are taking the World by Storm.

The International Egg Nutrition Consortium (IENC) has formulated four primary aims:

-To share ideas and resources on research and educational programs

-To provide technical nutritional information and perspective in times of crisis

-To compliment work being done and avoid duplication of materials and research

-To identify international nutrition experts

The outgoing IEC Chairman Ben Dellaert who headed the Avian Influenza expert group, presented a well acclaimed Checklist for Biosecurity as an operational egg industry tool to be used and implemented on farm level globally. Tim Lambert of Canada has been appointed as new Chair of the IEC Leadership board from 2017 to 2019.

The prestigious Golden Egg Award for Egg Marketing Excellence was won by Colombia for achieving a 20% increase in egg consumption over a 3 years period only. The Clive Frampton Egg Processing Award was presented to Dr. Fabien De Meester in recognition of outstanding innovation and commitment.

Ovotherm was represented at the Bruges IEC Conference by its CEO Franz Hofer and Senior Partner Willi Kallhammer, both also Global Ambassadors of the International Egg Commission.