Since many years Animal Care in Nigeria have introduced new improved ways of producing, processing and marketing the world´s healthiest food: The Humble Egg!

The company has become the leading enterprise in Africa in their field of business and Ovotherm is proud to have been their business partners from the start.

Recently Animal Care have introduced, under their, for a long time established brand name FUNTUNA  Hard Boiled Eggs, produced on the globally best equipment from Germany, the EBM egg boiling and coloring machines. To start a project like this in Nigeria needs foresight, creativity, innovation and total commitment of the whole team, something that the progressive company President Dr. Olatunde Agbato can count on. When he visited Central Europe some years ago around Easter time he realized that the historically established boiled and colored Easter eggs were attractive for consumers and with their long shelf live had a potential of being consumed as a meal throughout the year, a fact which has created a huge market for “Snack Eggs“ and the likes in Europe in the past 20 years.

This exciting project is on its way now and freshly laid eggs are selected from their healthy flocks, properly cleaned and lead into the cooking machine and afterwards colored and “varnished“ to ensure the extended shelf life to at least 5 weeks at room temperature. The colorant is of course Food Approved and 100 % safe.

Eggs are good for people of all ages and the recommendation of an egg a day is made easier with Funtuna´s  new boiled egg program which highlights that eggs are the highest quality, most complete protein source the body can enjoy, second only to mother milk.

Funtuna Boiled Eggs are ready to eat, easy to peel, a healthy snack alternative, ideal for salads and quick meals, do not need refrigeration, in other words: Nutritious, delicious, affordable fast food.