When one talks about the Caribbean, immediately nice vacation days spring to one´s mind. Although this happy conclusion is valid, many of the Caribbean islands also have an active agriculture industry and for years supplied their eggs on paper trays where consumers could pick their choice and carry the eggs home in bags with the usual result of frequently damaged eggs. For retailers and for consumers this was not perfect at all and when Ovotherm entered the scene and introduced egg marketing and egg merchandizing it helped local egg producers to get their fresh eggs to the Supermarkets unharmed and in an appetizing manner.

Ovotherm has been a pioneer in this part of the world and has actively supported progressive egg producers in their strive to fulfill the needs of consumers and retailers in the best and most efficient way. That caused a sharp reduction of the use of not see through packaging and therefore reduced egg breakage dramatically as shoppers did not have to open packs to see what they were buying.

The first country to adopt Ovotherm Egg Marketing Concepts was Trinidad and Tobago, a country with over 1,3 million inhabitants. That was more than 20 years ago and where the majority of eggs sold are packed in Ovotherm´s environmentally friendly packs made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles. The leading brands there which are still growing, are El Chico, Spring Fresh Farm and McConney.

Also in the small island state of Barbados consumers enjoy the advantage to see the eggs they are buying and practically all egg producers use the proven egg marketing systems of Ovotherm with the wide range of models for 6, 10, 12, 15 and 30 eggs. Egg marketers and retailers would not consider any other option where eggs would not be visible to shoppers for inspection.

Other Caribbean countries where Ovotherm is helping egg producers and retailers to offer their eggs in the most honest way to see the healthiest food in the world include Jamaica, Curacao, Guyana and the French departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique amongst others.