The 2018 IEC Global Leadership Conference was held in Kyoto, Japan from September 9 to 13 attracting a record high attendance of over 500 delegates from 38 countries. Across the four days, expert speakers provided their insights on industry issues, ranging from egg marketing to feed, as well as future industry development and sustainable practices. The annual IEC Global Leadership Conference is seen as the leading event in the international egg industry calendar, providing the opportunity for top industry figures to come together and learn from one another, helping to shape a progressive and dynamic future. The CEO of Ovotherm, Mr. Franz Hofer presented a well acclaimed paper that often was referred to during the conference. The title was “The World of Eggs in View of Disruptions“ considering the major changes caused by the age of urbanization, the speed of technological development, the growing globalization of the world as well as the fact that people are getting older.

In the International Reviews delegates learned more about the latest challenges and opportunities, as representatives from around the world discussed the current market trends and conditions within their respective countries. The excellent Young Egg Leaders (YEL) program offered insightful and thought provoking presentations on the theme of “Zero Waste Farm“ as part of “Sustainability Showcase“ to maximize recycling and minimize waste.

Tim Lambert, the Chairman of the World Egg Organization (WEO) set out the global egg industry´s pledge to work in partnership with the United Nations, to fulfil its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Annual Egg Industry Awards of the IEC were also presented in Kyoto. Aled Griffiths OBE, the founder of Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd. that has grown into a successful family business producing nearly 500 million eggs a year, was announced as the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Denis Wellstead International Egg Person of the Year Award. Ovotherm congratulates to this outstanding achievement and is proud to be the major partner for Oaklands regarding egg packing. The title of  Clive Frampton Egg Products Company of the Year 2018 went to the Kewpie Group of Japan and the 2018 Golden Egg Award this year the judging committee were thrilled to present to the hosting nation - for the outstanding and ambitus “Two Eggs Project“. This campaign cleverly communicated that “eggs are great“, sharing the benefits of eggs as part of developing a healthier diet with consumers and increasing the economic scale of the industry throughout Japan with the goal that egg producers could be proud of their achievements.

Special thanks went to the Japanese Poultry Industry for their exceptional contribution in hosting the hugely successful and memorable conference.

The next dates to remember: IEC Business Conference Monte Carlo 7th to 9th of April 2019 and the IEC Global Leadership Conference Copenhagen 22nd to 26th   of September 2019.