Smart Marketing of Boiled and Colored Eggs with Funny Minions wins the prestigious Austrian Award “Product Champion 2018“ for one of the leading egg companies in Austria: Poringer Frischei.

EI is the German word for eggs but EI EI EI EI ! means something like Wowwowwow or Yabba Dabba Doo or holy Cow and similar and this is exactly the reaction of consumers young and older when they realize the concept of Funny Minions-Eggs for own decoration. It is simple:

Take the natural shape of eggs, color them in Minion Yellow and Jeans Blue and get them alive with the funny characters of the movie hits Despicable Me 3. The DIY (do it yourself) Easter Egg in a Sixpack is offered with six different decals which have to be dipped in water for a few seconds and then eyes, mouth and hair can be glued onto the boiled eggs. For fans of Bob, Stuart, Kevin & Co this makes Easter an unbeatable experience.

Poringer´s Funny Minion-Eggs are solely from Austrian Barn Egg production, fed with Danube Soya, boiled and colored and guaranteed with the AMA seal of Quality, surely fun for the whole family.

Ovotherm is proud to be the exclusive packaging partner in this project with a sixpack made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles.