The long established Poultry and Fish farming enterprise Animal Care in the Greater Lagos region in Nigeria is leading in the field of production and processing and marketing of eggs in Africa. With a population of over 190 million people Nigeria is a huge market, in great need of protein and there is no better solution than eggs for nutrition, environment, Carbon Footprint and availability with lowest cost.

The Animal Care Group has become kind of a center for all needs of the local poultry industry. The large scope of services they offer includes  laboratories for feed analysis and disease diagnostic, a training school  providing practical oriented education in poultry and aqua culture practice, veterinary medicaments and vaccines, feed premixes and additives, as well as poultry equipment.

The brand of FUNTUNA EGGS have become a household name with notable presence in most parts of the country as premium quality eggs which are packaged in clear Ovotherm egg packs made 100% of recycled beverage bottles and sold across the country with steadily increasing success. This progressive company managed by the owner, President Dr. Olatunde Agbato and his dedicated family, has invested into a boiling and coloring equipment by the world´s leading machine maker EBM in Germany some years ago and are now marketing the easy to peel, Ready-to-Eat Hard Boiled Eggs, which are versatile and convenient, yet nutritious AND affordable snack and meal options as well as a great addition to any healthy lifestyle.

Ovotherm is proud to have been a business partner of Animal Care since many years and continue to support the engaged team of Animal Care wherever possible with the latest tailor made egg pack designs as well as marketing strategies.