One of the most creative companies in Egg Marketing is “Innviertlerlandei” founded by Mr. Johann Poringer in 1952. A rather large portion of the eggs produced by their partners solely in Austria are getting a smart added value by boiling and coloring in their ultramodern coloring plant. Already in 2018 the owner manager Mrs. Alexandra Furthner-Poringer has introduced, based on the Cartoons, the yellow Minion Eggs and received the prestigious “Product Champion“ Award for it.

This year a fascinating project has been launched geared for youngsters they call EASTER for small Discoverers. By adding a “Magic Dino Egg“ to 5 boiled and colored Free Range Easter Eggs in a glass clear sleeved sixpack, it becomes a carrier for a toy that children love. After putting the Dino Egg in a glass of water they can watch a Dinosaur Baby emerging. There are nine different Dinos which creates a nice collection and exchange possibilities with friends.

Ovotherm is proud to be the packaging partner in this exciting egg marketing project with a clear sixpack made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles.