Traditionally in the weeks around Easter egg consumption goes up dramatically and mainly by enjoying boiled and colored eggs.

Where does this tradition come from? Years and years ago when refrigeration was not available, eggs had to be boiled to get conserved as in the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter, Christian rules did not allow eggs to be eaten during the fastening days. To make sure that the boiled eggs would not be mixed up with fresh ones later on, they were colored with natural colors- mostly in red- as it is still done in Greece, where the red boiled eggs are also brought as presents at Easter visits.

Especially in European countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Benelux the art of coloring eggs in most creative ways has been perfected and so we can find in many food markets attractively decorated eggs to appeal to consumers and to delight them.

It seems easy to understand why producers and retailers demand glass clear packaging for such beautiful and colorful eggs. Ovotherm as the globally leading manufacturer of environmentally most friendly egg packs made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles is always making sure that the increased need of the market is fulfilled and accompanied with impeccable service.

The positive experience with boiled and colored eggs has already triggered an additional market for these eggs as a convenience food offered all over the year packed in Ovotherm´s wide range of differently shaped r-PET egg packs for 2, 4, 6 or 10 eggs to enable this food convenience to be seen without having to open any packs