Our clear egg packs give consumers the unique advantage to see what they buy – without opening the pack. This reduces the risk of breakage dramatically, it increases hygienic aspects and broken eggs are detected at first glance. They offer a quick inspection from all sides because of their transparence, without opening the pack and touching the eggs. Because of this, egg purchase in the supermarket becomes quicker, easier and more comfortable. Also at home where consumers detect at first glance how many eggs are stored in the fridge.


Because of the perfect airflow the growth of bacteria is reduced and the packs perform extremely well in very hot or cold climate. If there is no air circulation in the egg pack the eggs could go moldy, but Ovotherm packs are best suited to all climatic conditions. Changes in humidity or temperature do not affect the condition of the eggs due to the perfect airflow.

Shatterproof EGGPACKS

Shatterproof during transport, in-store and customer handling. Ovotherm packaging is designed to protect the eggs with shockprotected nests and internal support columns. If there is a broken egg, leakages are contained without bothering the other eggs or the pack. Ovotherm egg packs protect the very fragile eggs during transport, in the display and in the fridge and give lots of important information. We undergo a lot of testing during the production process and we are proud that we have a pressure force of 20 to 80 kilos depending on the product.


Snap Lock guarantees perfect handling, offers easy opening and closing as well as protection and additional security, even if the pack is turned around for inspection. Our patented superior snap lock system ensures that packs stay securely closed throughout the packing operation and in the total supply chain.  Nevertheless they are easy to open and can be closed several times. You will find this advanced snap lock in our Ovopack and Vision products.

Impulse purchase

Our clear egg packs support impulse purchase, are unique and persuade purchase because of fancy and successful marketing concepts. Ovotherm is appreciated worldwide for the development and implementation of comprehensive Egg Marketing concepts. These concepts are tailor-made to increase impulse buying and egg consumption. Pack decoration is like a dress to make a product look more attractive. Ovotherm offers a comprehensive range of creative design work for labels, direct print and various other forms of decoration of the egg packs.