What is special about an egg? They all look more or less the same, how can they distinguish themselves from others? People will say the color, white or brown, the size between small and Jumbo, freshness confirmed by the laying date on the egg etc. That is all fine but in the market, on the display only the packaging and its decoration will offer information and differentiation.

Obviously displays will vary globally, some just OK, some boring and some exciting. Some are hiding the eggs and some show them in clear packaging to create a chance of impulse buying where the egg can kind of “call out“: take me home with you!

Ovotherm have recently developed a pack concept, where additional attraction is added by making the egg pack a marketing tool.

OVOPACK 10+Box has space on top to insert a “gift“ for consumers. Progressive egg marketing companies and retailers in Germany, Switzerland and France have already started to use this unique idea and consumer reactions were extremely positive for example with Easter egg colors, puzzle parts and collection magnets which were visible in the little box within the Ovopack 10 of course also made 100% of recycled PET drinks bottles.

It surely makes sense to add value to egg marketing instead of only offering costly discounts. Many other food merchandisers are practicing the concept of a little present for consumers to avoid falling into the discount trap.