The Ovopack range  – an appealing and modern presentation of eggs in the egg-display and perfect machine compatibility and efficiency for egg packers.

The Ovotherm Vision range offers premium egg-packs for presenting eggs. The innovative and eye-catching design promotes the sales of your eggs.

The Traypacks consist of 2 parts (top & bottom) which run fully automised on all modern packing and grading equipment.

Ovotherm is an expert for all egg sizes. Uniquely designed in response to consumer demand and industrial packing optimization.

In the Ovotherm Showcase family 9, 18, 12 and 24 eggs can be packed quickly, efficiently and securely. These packs were specially designed for promotional activities.

The very popular Supersell Vision egg packs are available for 6, 10 and 12 eggs. The Supersell Vision range impresses with an attractive design and perfect machine compatibility.

We offer innovative specialties. They are designed to fulfill the specific and special needs of our customers.